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Who We Are

         We're a husband and wife team, following where God leads us. He is using the unique talents He has given to each of us in such a way that the synergy is amazing.

          Susan is an intercessor, a true prayer warrior. God has granted her the gift of often knowing how to pray for people before their needs are even expressed. She provides incredible insights at just the right time, as led by God.
          She works in the ministry while raising and home schooling our three children: Michael, age 10; Gabriel, age 8; and Elizabeth, age 6. We were blessed to experience the miracle of the birth of each child at home, with the assistance of a midwife and some other assistants. She's also involved as a volunteer in several ministries at our local church.

          Joe also volunteers in a number of areas at the local church. He's a fulltime writer with a number of projects always under way. His most recent book is a suspense thriller, Ever Surrender, the first in a trilogy. He's also written The 11 Day Path--Overcoming Stumbling Blocks to Belief, a great book for seekers and new believers, as well as those helping them toward Christ. Copies are available now on Amazon. He's also written the content for all the websites under the Surrendered Lives umbrella. A compendium of information from the Focus on Prayer web site along with other material is available as a paperback or for download here. Joe is usually the one to speak to groups and is available for travel.

           We are blessed to be supported by an amazing group of friends and family. Our life group, small prayer groups, and individual accountability partners as well as long-time friends who guided us by example and years of prayer. They all underscore one of God's truths: He made us to live in community. That's where we learn we can accept each other's flaws and offer whole-hearted counsel and prayer under the guidance of the Holy Spirit using the example of Jesus as He lights the Way for all of us.


May you receive the gift of total surrender to God, from God.
--Joe and Susan Vigliano

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A life and death struggle against evil...complete surrender to God...this suspense thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat

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Ever Surrender
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