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What We Do

     We're a small ministry dedicated to helping people in their relationship with God.

     Since prayer is the very foundation of our relationship with God, that's the primary focus of our ministry.

     Focus on Prayer was--and is--our flagship web site, offering information and advice about all manner of prayer. We have reached people in every state in the union as well as more than 140 countries across the world. Prayer requests from Focus on Prayer are handled by a team of intercessors. The complete contents of the web site and additional information is available for download as a convenient electronic book (eBook) or for purchase as a 200+ page paperback book here.

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     Healing Prayer Ministry is the cornerstone of what we do. For those who seek the healing power of Jesus for physical healing, for deep emotional wounds and for issues related to spiritual warfare, we act as facilitators for the process, prayer partners in the process, and intercessors in prayer to support all those involved in the process. Formally trained in Transformational Prayer by Dr. Terry Wardle, we also incorporate methods taught by Thom Gardner, Neil Anderson, John Wimber, and Francis MacNutt, among others.
     Susan provides leadership to a group of intercessors in the Healing Prayer program at our local church. She's been led to write prayers used as part of and in support of the Healing Prayer process. Joe is a facilitator and prayer partner.
     It is both humbling and uplifting to be granted the privilege of being involved as the Holy Spirit moves in people to effect healing and restored lives.


"[Participating] has given me an opportunity to remove some of the veils I use to cover myself. God has provided a place in the journey where I can experience more of His strength, love, encouragement, affirmation..." 


     For the past several years, Joe has been teaching and facilitating groups in an area where many churches are weak: ministry to men. Using John Eldredge's Wild at Heart as a starting point, the topics have expanded to include The Man as the Spiritual Head of the Household, Hearing from God, Spiritual Warfare, Social Responsibility for Christians, and, of course, Prayer. Sources for material include work by Greg Boyd, Gordon Dalbey, Donald Miller, Rob Bell, and Gary Thomas.
     These group events mesh very well with one-on-one discipling, spiritual mentoring, and, when called for, healing prayer ministry. Typical issues addressed include deep wounds, forgiveness, and various addictions like alcohol, pornography and anger.


"[It] has helped me grow in many ways. The depth of relationship that comes through intimacy and vulnerability has been vital."


     Another tool we rely on is the written word.

     I've just released Ever Surrender, the first in a trilogy of suspense thrillers. Few of us surrender completely to God. Lynn Williams rebounded from tragedy with worldly success. But she was spiritually adrift, separated from God. When her brother is murdered in a rural Pennsylvania town while trying to establish a safe house for victims of sex trafficking, a woman is forced to confront evil as well as the haunting event that turned her away from God four years earlier, only to wind up facing certain death, where complete surrender to God is all that can save her life.

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     It joins The 11 Day Path--Overcoming Stumbling Blocks to Belief, a book Joe wrote that targets earnest seekers and those new to Christ. It addresses nine key questions often asked that can become obstacles on the spiritual journey. In addition to providing challenging, thought-provoking answers to the questions, The 11 Day Path also offers practical advice in facing other obstacles that may arise. Its concise treatment lends itself well to discipleship classes as well as evangelism and outreach programs. Copies are available now.

Tghe 11 Day Path

     He's currently working on some shorter works about spiritual warfare.
There's a website coming especially for those new to Jesus.
  Finally, Joe is available to speak to groups, both large and small, and to teach/facilitate at seminars and retreats. Potential topics include Healing, Spiritual Warfare, Overcoming Addictions, Prayer, Hearing from God, Man as the Spiritual Head of the Household, and, of course,
any or all of the questions addressed in The 11 Day Path.


We humbly ask for your prayers to support our work.
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A life and death struggle against evil...complete surrender to God...this suspense thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat

Ever Surrender on Amazon

Ever Surrender
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